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Dear Client,

On the 12th of July, some of our team headed to Manchester for the 20th annual Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA) awards. ISPA were responsible for creating the first code of practice for ISPs and instrumental in establishing the Internet Watch Foundation. This foundation, which Krystal joined as a full member recently, has been responsible for reducing the amount of child abuse images (and other illegal content) hosted in the UK.

Krystal were shortlisted for 'Best Host' and much to our delight... WE WON!

The judges had the following to say about our win;

"In an extremely close fought category Krystal took the prize for protecting their customers from emerging threats, including DDoS protection, but also for their charitable efforts." [Source]

It was a surreal experience. While I genuinely wasn't expecting to win, the fact that an independent panel of judges had looked at the service we provide and felt we were worthy is incredibly rewarding. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the hard work they put in, day in, day out. Without them the company wouldn't be what it is and this award is a reflection of their dedication and commitment.

On the subject of amazing things our people do...
Onyx WordPress now in Beta!
Since the start of the year, we've been busy creating a brand new Optimised WP Hosting service from the ground up. It's hosted on our exclusive new managed hosting platform called "Onyx".

Thanks to all the Alpha testers who have helped develop and refine the service we're now ready to move to Beta!

If you volunteer to help us improve the service during the Beta stage you'll be given 3 months free once the platform launches publicly by way of a thank you.

Some highlights of Optimised WP on Onyx:
Bespoke WordPress system designed explicitly for speed, resilience and scalability.
Uses dedicated hardware (with multi-location resilience in development).
Containerised environment to fully segregate users from one another for improved security.
High Availability by default through clusters - no single hardware failure can disrupt access.
Supported by the same team behind Krystal and with the same dedication to quality.
Our premium CDN service provides an essential way to ensure your site and content is available fast and securely at all times.
We take daily backups of your WordPress site so if you ever need a restore it can be done quickly and easily.
Full management of DNS entries for domains hosted with Onyx.
Our free staging environment allows you to see what your WordPress site looks like when making changes before putting them live.

Simply visit to get started now

Krystal continues to go from strength to strength and we've no plans to rest on our laurels. Thank you for your support and custom. These are exciting times.

Kind regards,

Simon Blackler - CEO Krystal Hosting

p.s as previously advised here and here prices for plans started before May 1st now match those on the site.
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